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Our Wedding Planner

Little Pear's Wedding Planner book and organizer will help ease the stresses surrounding your special day and will provide you with the peace of mind that things are on the right track. Designed and produced locally in Vancouver, BC, each page has been meticlously planned out and crafted to help with the big things like outfits and venues to the nitty gritty stress inducers like budgeting and finances.

We’re consistently finding ways to take away that stress and make planning an Indian wedding a more enjoyable experience. Our goal is to help you through this journey. The wedding planner will have over 100+ tips on how to make your wedding go smoothly.

We strongly believe that wedding planning need not be stressful. It’s an experience that you and your fiancé should enjoy. So in addition to wedding tips we are huge advocates on self care. Throughout the book we will suggest fun activities you and your fiancé can take part in! ✨

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