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Indian Wedding Planners


Say goodbye to Indian wedding planning stress!

Our Wedding Planner

Little Pear's Wedding Planner book and organizer, crafted locally in Vancouver, BC, is designed to alleviate the stresses of planning your special day. From major decisions like outfits and venues to meticulous details like budgeting and finances, each page is thoughtfully curated to bring you peace of mind and keep things on the right track.

Our commitment extends beyond mere planning; we're dedicated to transforming the Indian wedding planning experience into an enjoyable journey. Packed with over 100+ invaluable tips, our planner is your guide to a seamlessly orchestrated wedding. We firmly believe that wedding planning should not be stressful – it's a special experience for you and your fiancé to relish.

In addition to offering practical advice, we advocate for self-care throughout the wedding planning process. Our book includes suggestions for fun activities, ensuring that you and your fiancé can savor the moments leading up to your big day. 

Thank you for choosing Little Pear – your partner in creating beautiful wedding memories.

Amanjot S

I love this planner!! I have gone through 3 other planners and they just weren’t detailed enough. This one is amazing and such cute detail!! Thank you so much 🥰

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